Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bengkulu is suitable for eco-travelers

It is a common knowlegde that the province of Bengkulu is covered by almost 45 % of tropical rainforest. This unvaluable ecological ecosystem provides a magnificent biodiversity, in which people could find a wdie range of plant and animal diversity. This conservation area also serves as unique ecosystem in which people will find many endemic species, both plants and animals, also very wonderful natural arboretums as well as other unforgetable natural experiences. The availability of more than 500 km coastal areas along the western part of Sumatera island is complementary important to support the ecologically based tourism of this province. Both coastal and marine ecosystems provide a very good enchanting natural beauty and biodiversity. Since people of Bengkulu comprises of many different ethnic groups, the wonderful cultural diversity of this province which will definitely support the eco-based traveling. Travelers should be intentionally expose themselves to this unique social life, visiting villagers, staying with them for a week, and get involved in villagers social activities. Several historical sites are also easily visited and make your visit become unforgettable, including the biggest fort in South East Asia. Make sure the travelers get experienced the local cuisines, practice traditional performances, as well as experiencing traditional gold mining method. Please make a trip to Bengkulu, I believe you will get a wonderful experiences of how people in different part of this planet make and enjoy their live.

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