Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bencoolen Street

zie, 2011
You don’t need to get confused, this is not a street in Singapore, it is a street in the city Bengkulu instead. This is a four km street  in the city of Bengkulu, connecting  Tapak Padri  to Sungai Hitam via Pasar Bengkulu, stretching along the beach, facing the Indian Ocean.  Don’t ask why Singapore has similar name  of Bencoolen for its street.  In the past, The British made an exchange with The Dutch. They handed over the area of Bencoolen, later known as Bengkulu,  to The Dutch to get the  island of Singapore.  Cruel huh..? I meant  .. cool huh..?. They simply exchanged  the people, the nature and everything in these two areas, just  like two kids make a toy exchange.

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