Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jamik Moqsue of Bengkulu

ozi, 2012
This unique mosque is located in the center of  City of Bengkulu. It was originally established during the 19th century using wooden materials and leafy roof, and then get renovated by the local people using cemented wall and zinced roof.  In 1938, this mosque was redesigned by the Sukarno, the first president of of Republic Indonesia, during his stay in Bengkulu, especially on the roof style as shown in the picture. It seems that the roof construction was influenced by the Javanese architecture, known as joglo, which allows the building to have more air circulation.  
At the present time, this mosque is remained to have Sukarno's design and becomes one of the landmark in Bengkulu.  If you have time to visit, you will admit that this mosque is a very comfortable mosque to have your daily pray (zie).

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