Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pekal : an ethnic group in Bengkulu

I believe very few people realize that there is another ethnic group who live in the Province of Bengkulu, i.e. the people of Pekal.  This ethnic group, accounts approximately 30.000 people (2000 cencus), mainly lives along the river of Ketahun, in the Municipality of North Bengkulu, along the border with the province of Jambi and the province West Sumatera. They do own their dialect which is strongly affected by the Rejang Language and Minang Kabau. They can, however, understand very well each other when they speak with the people Rejang. Like many other ethnic groups, they do have their own culture. Their areas of occupancy are no longer been isolated, since access to villages is getting better and also the more people come to their regions As better access to education and economic activities are getting better, I have no doubt this ethnic group will somehow play significant roles in the future in the area of North Bengkulu, and also in the Province of Bengkulu.     

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