Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ritual Ngampung Semangat Padi

The people in Sungai Ipuh village, district Selagan Raya,  Muko Muko,  has a unique tradition to pray for their planted rice when the rice reach the age of one month, two months, and when the rice starts to fill, ie, by reading Yasin (a particular part of Holybook of Al Qur’an) around their rice fields and then praying to the Al-Mighty for blessing and successful rice production.  The ritual, called Ngampung Semangat Padi, is carried out together. After praying, all the participants as well the key people in the village dance Antak-Antak (like a jumping dance).  This dance is expected boost their spirit, morale and commitment in rice farming.  The level of their spirit  is believed to affect the ‘spirit’ of the rice to grow so well and hence to produce abundant of grains. Finished dancing, they enjoy the special meal prepared for this tradition, namely Jamba, which contains rice with three ducks, three bowls of rice, and yellow rice. (Source RB, 03/03/12)

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