Monday, December 19, 2011

Gold in Bengkulu: Hidden treasure?

Many people in Bengkulu, especially those who live in the Municipality of Lebong believe that their area somehow deposits natural gold mineral under their ground forest. This might be true as Lebong used to be well known as one of gold mining area since 18th century. In fact, until now the traditional mining still remains as one of the living source and is particularly practiced in the area of Lebong Simpang. Here in this area where people traditionally mine the gold, using the man natural power, digging, digging and digging manually.  Right now, there are also some companies in the preparation to settle their exploration in the Municipality of Lebong. However, but they do not focus in Lebong Simpang area. Once a mining company gets operated, it would be the answer to the presence of significant amount of gold. Otherwise, it is just a rumor.

Another believe among the people in the Municipality of Lebong is related to the presence of treasure, maps, left by the Germany, or by British, or may by the Dutch people. It is believed that that significant amount was purposely hidden at the time they left Lebong (and Indonesia) since they got lost during the World War II. Some local people claimed that they have access to such treasure. Other complained that it would not be possible to have an exploration if they are not the part of authority.  Another rumor claimed that the treasure is well protected by the ‘natural’ power and will be handed to the proper recipient sometime in the future. 
Whatever the rumor, the Municipality of Lebong remain as one of the less fortunate municipalities in Indonesia.  

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