Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fireworks for iedul fitri's eve?

Change? it's probably yes!. I still hard to believe to find the fact that many of young people,  of course teenagers, of Bengkulu spend their iedul fitri's eve by having firework party along the beach, especially around the port of Malborough. The fireworks were personally managed, they take it from home or the store and play it with a small group. Other group will do the same things, and the fireworks then start to continuously take place.  So many people watching the fireworks, hang around in groups in the tent's cafe, enjoying the soft drinks and snacks. They seem really to have a wonderful time, enjoying the party.  But, I personally find a little bit weird, or more precisely i notice that there has been a change in term of the way teenagers of Bengkulu to celebrate their iedul fitri's eve. 

Although I still caught in sight many teenagers celebrating the iedul fitri's eve in front of the mosque and doing other religious activities, the fireworks along the beach still somehow bothers me.  I need to accept this change.  The point that I want to underline that there has been a shifting way of teenagers of Bengkulu's town to wrap up their ramadhan, from religious activities to less religious, from the mosque to the beach. My neighbors said that more people and more fireworks involve this year compared to the previous years. Time  goes, people change, but belief and the way to practice it should not change!. I will see how this thing will take place in the next coming years.

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