Saturday, June 4, 2011

Going In A Hot Country: What To Pack?
by Jack Wogan

When summer comes all we can think about is our vacation. Most of the times we cannot decide what we want to take with us so we pack a lot of things, most of which we will never even wear. In this case we have to take a step back and decide what is really necessary and what not. 

Make it your goal to take a single carry-on bag, this why you will travel light and you won't been additional help to lift your luggage. The first thing that you should focus on are the cosmetics that you will take with you. There are things that you will not need to take with you because the can be found everywhere.
So you should forget about the toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo. Also, pick two or three perfumes and don't take all of them with you. Women have lots of creams and lotions that they cannot simply do without but on your holiday you should only focus on a nourishing face cream, a lotion and of course, the sun screen. Any additional lotions will occupy unnecessary space. If you realize that you need something urgently then you can just buy what you need from there. 

Women are even more beautiful if they wear a bit of make-up at the office or maybe at an important meeting. But in order to have a healthy skin you should let it breath when you are on holiday. You should take with you just some gloss and a nourishing cream. The glow that you will get from the sun will make you look beautiful no matter what. Even celebrities don't wear make-up when they are on vacation. 

If you decide to take some of your jewelry with you then make sure you leave the good stuff at home. In each vacation resort or city there are jewelry shops so why not take the time and make some additional purchases to your personal collection? Bring only appropriate clothes. Taking too much will make your luggage more of a hassle and you surely don't need that, do you? 

Try to bring only the things that you know you are going to wear. Packing many trousers and shirts will make you luggage even heavier. So, have a nice vacation!

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