Saturday, May 7, 2011

UniB Share the Earth

That is the vision of Universitas Bengkulu (UniB) Composting  Unit, the 29th World University ranking  (UI Greenmetric). Rector UniB officially launched the establishment of this  strategic unit on Friday , May 7th 2011. This launching was also attended by the Governor of Province of Bengkulu, and other relevant important stakeholders.  The existence of this unit is in line with the UniB’s  commitment to implement the  zero waste concept in this green campus by composting all organic wastes, including paper and plant parts (leaves and twigs) in order to produce organic fertilizers.This unit also will recycle the paper wastes to reuse the paper for envelopes and paper bags.
This unit also provides training and relevant technologies to the people of Bengkulu in order to extend its expertise in composting technology.  Rector also welcomes the local governments to make use of this unit in their environmental and agricultural programs.  The Governor appreciates what UniB has done since its establishment in 1982, both in promoting  the quality of human resource and the provincial development. In addition, the Governor also emphasizes that UniB must continue to develop and strengthen its capability to promote the economic and human resources development.      

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