Thursday, May 19, 2011

Curup : cool n cozy upland town

You might have heard about a small town named Curup, an upland town in the province of Bengkulu. Curup is the capital town of Rejang Lebong Municipality and located along the Bukit Barisan mountain, at the altitude from 650 meters to 2000 meters above sea level (3°27'35"S 102°31'11"E) . 

This cool and cozy town of Curup is only 80 km away from Bengkulu. As an upland area, this municipality is the second largest  producer of vegetables in Sumatra, after Karo highland in North Sumatra.  The town of Curup is surrounded by agricultural areas, from vegetables to plantation, Suban Water Spring, Kaba Hill with very nice scenery, and several minor tourism destinations. This year, in the month of June, the town of Curup is celebrating its 131st anniversary. Many attractions to be displayed to the people during the celebration. 

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  1. veri nice.,.blog nya mantaf bgt sob.,.thank udem posting tentang kita curup juga,.,
    hhehehhehee aq kan anak curup,.salam kenal