Monday, May 23, 2011

Car free day at Pantai Panjang

Every Sunday morning at Pantai Panjang, the beautiful beach in the city of Bengkulu, from 05.30 - 09.30 a.m is assigned to be a car free day. The car free zone spans from the intersection Horizon hotel to the corner of Bengkulu Indah Mall, takes about two kilo meters in length. This area covers the sport center areas, where many sport facilities are presented, such volley ball, tennis, soccer, futsal, basket, takraw, jogging tracks, etc. Many people enjoy this policy to safely take opportunity doing sports. Some people prefer to take a walk with their family along the road, or along the jogging track, or along the beach.  Some others play their favorite sports with friends, while others kill their time by cycling.  Visitors admit that this session is a very good policy and expect that there will be more coverage of car free day areas, or car free time in this city.


  1. The number of trucks crossing the town increase. It indicates that economic activities also increase. However, I hope there is truck-free day in Bengkulu.

  2. truck?? that disaster mate! not a blessing... :-)

  3. I see, trucks bring negative effect. We should not blame them, but the Authorities. :-)