Sunday, April 10, 2011

SNMPTN 2011’s Destination : Universitas Bengkulu

This 29th years old university, located in the city of Bengkulu, is one fast-emerging university in Indonesia. Since 2007, it has become one of 50 Indonesian Promising University out of more than 3000 higher education institutions in Indonesia.  In this 2011 academic year, Universitas Bengkulu offers 34 sarjana programs (one year longer than Bachelor program) and 8 Diploma programs as well as 12 master programs.  These study programs offered by the Faculty of Education and Teaching, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Basic Science, Faculty of Engineering, and Medical and Health Science programs.  High school students who want to go to university will make a good decision to attend this university. Detail info about study programs are available at this university official site (
This 29th world university ranking (UI Greenmetric) is attended by almost 12,000 enrolling students, supported by more than 750 faculty members.  All the study programs have national accreditation,  excepts those of new established study programs.  Universitas Bengkulu  is a very cozy campus and  environmentally well managed, hence makes the students enjoy the academic atmosphere and able to complete their academic programs with competitive attributes. This university also offers a credit transfer program with Rajamangala University Technology of Sriijava, Thailand, and University of Malaysia Kelantan.  Student facilities including housing, unlimited internet access, digital library, sport facilities, gymnasium, campus bus are continuously strengthened to makes university’s motto, conveying better future, apply to every students.  

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