Monday, April 18, 2011

PS. Bengkulu needs Sponsor or Consortium

It is sad to mention that the only soccer team of Bengkulu playing in Ti-phone Indonesian League, PS. Bengkulu, is currently facing financial crisis. The local newspaper, Bengkulu Ekspress, together with PS Bengkulu management and the fans, Panglimania, has initiated (17/04/2011) a fund raising in order to maintain this club in the national league. They call for donations and charities from the people of Bengkulu or anyone like to donate.  Contributors may come to PS Bengkulu Secretariat or send their donations to Bengkulu Ekspress account, namely BENGKULU EKSPRESS PEDULI, account number 0115-01-044574-50-5. It is worth to mention that currently PS Bengkulu ranked 10th out of 13 teams playing in Ti-phone league.

Sponsorships Needed.
PS Bengkulu should have permanent sponsors to maintain its performance in the league. Relying on the provincial budget is no longer popular  to run a club for national competition.  The provincial budget is not only limited in the amount, but also take time to cash it prom the local government.  Sponsorships is a necessity.  The provincial government could encourage the plantation companies and coal mining companies across the province to put their share in order to establish a sustainable financial certainty.  If it is difficult to get a single company, those companies could establish a consortium to save this team. Such consortium must professionally manage to generate permanent income for this club. If you think you are interested in sponsoring PS Bengkulu, I would be very happy to take you having discussion with the management.

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