Thursday, April 14, 2011

ni yao caifu ni xian zuo lu

I couldn’t agree more with this old Chinese proverb ‘ni yao caifu ni xian zuo lu’, which means (approximately) ‘build a new road, if you want to get welfare’.  The idea to establish a new road, connecting Muara Aman to Sumatera highway, in the province of Jambi is very important to the people in the Kabupaten Lebong.  Kabupaten Lebong, as we all might aware, located along the Ketahun River, surrounding by National Park Kerinci – Seblat, will remain isolated if the access to get this old gold miner’s town  relies only on its current connecting roads, from Curup and from Kuro Tidur’.  Establishing  another path of transportation, especially with Sumatera highway, will benefit not only Kabupaten Lebong, but also the province of Bengkulu in general. 

There will be more good and service movements take place in this area. This will then enhance the economic growth to the province of Bengkulu in general. I understand that it is not legally easy to cross the Kerinci-Seblat National Park for establishing another state road, but decisions must be wisely taken.  It is really a matter of choice, whether the prosperity of the people of Kabupaten Lebong will be prioritized over the natural resource conservation.  There should be a way to balance the existence of this national park and the prosperity of the people.  The local government (Kabupaten and provincial) must be able to convince the national government that access from Muara Aman to Sumatera highway is equally important to the natural resource conservation. To be honest, I personally believe that human civilization and prosperity is much more important natural resources. 
Referring to previously mentioned of that Chinese proverb, I think the government should evaluate how the road for transportation we currently have.  The existing roads do not support the economic growth, and hence need to immediately be restored. I just have a trip around the province and I sadly learned that the roads are not very enjoyable for the travelers, and I believe it is also very disadvantage to good and service movements, as well as to the competitiveness of the agricultural products in this province.  Needless to say, the government should learn from Chinese and Korea’s experiences, building so many good and reliable roads for their people to strengthen their economic growth. 

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