Thursday, April 21, 2011

The fort of Marlborough Bengkulu

The fort of Marlborough Bengkulu, which is believed to be established during the period of  1713 to 1719, is located near the beautiful long beach of Bengkulu City. I do not really comfortable to mention that this fort was established by The British during their stay in Bengkulu. What I truly believed that this largest fortress in Southeast Asia was painfully constructed by the local people of Bengkulu. 
The workers might have unwillingly shared their physical power, but The British officers may be just happily kept delivering their orders to forcefully ask the worker to get the job done. What an irony ! I was wondering whether the workers were properly paid or not. Whether the workers were sufficiently fed? I really hate to imagine how unfair the live at that period was. Whoever deserved to be mention, at the present time this fort become one of heritage mostly visited by the visitors after Pantai Panjang (Long Beach) Bengkulu anyway.  For better visual orientation,  please find the picture of Fort Marlborough from other sites.

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