Monday, April 25, 2011

Cross-country cycling : Sports & leisure time

The use bicycle for fun, leisure and sport is getting more popular in the city of Bengkulu. The bikers make use of the beauty of Pantai Panjang and other tracking path to have cycling activity. Some people groups themselves  into particular fun bike club to have regular cycling exercises.  In Pantai Panjang, the long white- sanded beach in the city of Bengkulu, we can easily find companies  that rent the bicycle in hourly basis with a very cheap price for a good and reliable bicycle, 1 – 2 USD per hour. 
The bikers club also combine their fun bike with sun bike, taking a cross country path. They usually go in a group of 10 – people, cycling through the rice paddy areas, plantation areas and other challenging areas.  Some time they go to other town having fun  together with the local groups. I talk to some of the bikers, and found that they  really  enjoy what they are doing, especially the cross-country track.

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